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President Calderon to launch Humane Repatriation Program on 2008

A couple of days before Christmas, President of the Republic of Mexico Felipe Calderon made a stopover in Tijuana, Baja California and announced a program that would offer help and services to US deported Mexicans. This pilot program called the Human Repatriation program was announced to be launched next year, 2008.

The program is said to provide help and services such as food, clean water, medical care, temporary shelter and other necessary things deported Mexicans may need. A means of communicating with relatives and family members would also be provided to the Mexican deportees through the Humane Repatriation Program to be launched next year. The program would also provide Mexicans deported from the United States temporary jobs while they are looking for permanent employment of their own.

To ensure that the Human Repatriation Program is executed in a way that would preserve the dignity and sense of self-regard among the deported Mexicans, the federal government as well as the municipal and state government bodies of Mexico would work hand-in-hand with humanitarian nonprofit organizations.

With an average number of about 500,000 or half a million Mexicans being deported from the United States every year, it is good to see that the government is placing great attention on this issue which hundreds of thousands of people are concerned.

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