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Popular hotels in Tijuana Mexico

A popular tourist destination such as Tijuana, Baja California, is bound to have its formidable share of hotels, inns and lodging, to ensure the comfort and safety of their many tourists. Tijuana provides a place for everyone, regardless of budget range. From economy lodging to the grandiose luxury 5 -star hotels, Tijuana will not fail to find the best value for your money.

Pure luxury awaits those whose money is no object, with the rows of five-star hotels populating this big city. Those who crave an avenue for decadence, and the finest of Tijuana culture, would do well to book a suite at the Grand Hotel Tijuana, and avail of the many amenities it offers. This 28-floor, 422-room hotel offers saunas, golf, business centers, facilities for the handicapped, communication equipment, tastefully decorated rooms, and many more.

Another popular five-star hotel in the area is the Real del Mar, a hotel built with a unique, Mexican-architectural design. It has a golf and country club, apart from its 75 1st-class suites and spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean.

Still on the vein of luxury hotels, if you’re the type who prefers to live within the heart of the city, then the Palacio Azteca is the perfect place for you. Perfect for those traveling for business, this hotel is conveniently located next to the financial district of the city, and is 10 minutes from the airport. It houses splendid suites, and transportation services, among the many other amenities it provides.

For those who prefer less flamboyand, mid-priced lodging, Tijuana has a variety of 3 to 4 star hotels to cater to the upper-middle class. There’s the Baja Inn, which emphasizes excellent service for all its clients. It’s prime location makes it a favorite of both shoppers and businessmen because of its nearness to the shopping districts, the business zone, and restaurant chains. Then there’s the Hotel El Consquistador, whose unique colonial design immerses the visitor in rich Mexican culture during the colonial era. It provides comfortable rooms, and is surrounded by lush greenery, making rest and relaxation a given for the visitor.

For those whose vacation is on a set budget, the rooms of Tijuana’s economy lodges won’t compromise comfort for a cheap price. La Mission Hotel, Suites Royal, Colonial Hotel, Olvera Hotel, Terranova,and many more, all offer complete, comfortable rooms at affordable prices. These hotels are perfect for those students on vacation or backpacking travelers, or anyone who wants to have a lot of fun without spending a lot.

So with all these lodgings made easily available, what are you waiting for? Plan your Tijuana vacation and book some rooms now!

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