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Play golf in la Paz

Home to the most beautiful beaches in Baja California, Baja California Sur’s capital La Paz continues to grow in popularity as a tourist destination as well as being second home to an increasing number of non-Mexican citizens. It is therefore not surprising that in recent years, La Paz has stepped up its efforts to develop – without compromising its natural wonders, of course – La Paz into a place that would further bring convenience to non-local residents (both permanent and part-time), and possibly attract more visitors. From groundbreaking to renovations, these hotels, resort communities, condominiums and the like aim to bring something new to the La Paz’s substantial plate.

One of the newer things is golfing. Up until recently, La Paz has been overlooked as a site for major golf courses (or any kind of golf course for that matter) for one reason or another – including perhaps a contention that its beaches alone could pull in enough tourism to support the city (although La Paz refuses to depend on tourism) and make money for foreign investors. Places like La Paz’s neighbor Los Cabos have helped turn the Mexican state of Baja California into a major golfing destination, however, and the rising demand for more golf courses in the peninsula have begun to change things. No longer a mere tourist ploy, having a golf course brings substantial business to cities that host them – since indulging in the pleasant weather while golfing in Baja has become one of the major reasons why people are coming to live there (or at least decide to buy homes there).

This being the case, many La Paz companies and investors have announced projects involving the development of golf courses. Among them is major golf course designed by designers from Gary Player, which is supposed to become part of the CostaBaja Resort and Marina (opened in 2005, it is designed to house entire communities). It has been confirmed that construction of the course is scheduled to begin in the Spring of 2007 and will take a grand total of twenty months to complete. This golf course is touted as the first La Paz golf course.

Another golf course, to be located in nearby Punta Colorada, is currently undergoing development planning. It is said to be a Robert von Hagge championship course, with holes that showcase the most breathtaking views the area has to offer. There are three other places in Punta Colorada being considered for similar projects.

The most ambitious undertaking involves the Bahia de los Sueňos, which is a resort that began construction in 2002. It is to host two golf courses – one a full eighteen-hole deal and the other a 6-hole “barefoot” informal course – designed by famous golf landscaping architect Tom Doak.

La Paz proves again and again that it can surprise us – these new additions to its appeal are definitely worth looking forward to.

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