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Places to sleep in Tecate

Many people would say that Tecate is a kind of stopover city in Baja. On the way to La Paz or Ensenada, a day spent drinking, touring and eating in Tecate would be enough to get a feel of the entire city. But I, for one, beg to differ. Although the city of Tecate is comparatively small compared to Ensenada or Los Cabos, this nugget of a city does however have a world of interesting and unique things to offer to visitors which a day or two of stay would not suffice. So why not book a hotel room, set up camp, rent an RV park or check-in at a resort hotel, in the small but wonderful Tecate City of Baja California?

When it comes to Tecate accommodations, the luxurious Rancho La Puerta comes first. It was in 1940 that this hotel spa was founded, and from then on it has grown into such a splendid reputation. Some people even consider it the best spa in all of Mexico, no small feat to be sure. The spa and hotel facilities are located in a 3,000 acre property, wherein they are surrounded by winding paths, ornamental gardens, organic farms, hiking trails and flowering meadows.

But the best feature of Rancho La Puerta in Tecate would undoubtedly be the fact that it is located at the foot of Cuchuma, a mountain in Tecate considered by many as a sacred piece of land and home to powerful healing spirits. It is this mountain which many guests travel from all ends of the world from specifically to experience the spiritual powers of. Rancho La Puerta also has modern world class spa facilities and many recreational facilities including a swimming pool, fitness center, hotel restaurant, conference halls, business center, bar and many more.

Another fantastic ranch that offer accommodations in Tecate is called the Rancho Los Chabacanos. Like the Rancho La Puerta, Rancho Los Chabacanos is also famous for its spa facilities which attract thousands of tourists and vacationers seeking some relief from the stressful burdens of everyday life. In fact, just recently, Rancho Los Chabacanos in Tecate, Baja California was included in National Geographic Traveler Magazine’s list of places you should stay in at USA, Canada, the Carribean and of course, Mexico.

But don’t think that staying in Tecate requires you to have a very big budget for lodging accommodations like what Rancho La Puerta and Rancho Los Chabacanos requires. Hacienda Santa Veronica is another hotel lodging accommodation in Tecate which offers all sorts of accommodation facilities and recreational amenities to their valued guests. This Tecate accommodation provider offers a series of rental cabins and cottages where guests can enjoy private accommodations with access to the swimming pools, tennis courts and off road raceway that Hacienda Santa Veronica has.

Koa Campgrounds in Tecate would be appreciated by nature lovers as well as those on a tight budget, while the Motel La Hacienda is loved by travelers who need affordable yet clean hotel accommodations while in Tecate.

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