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Places to shop in Mexicali

There is no better way to escape the scalding desert heat than to go to a fully air conditioned area. There’s no better way to alleviate boredom than to go window shopping or hanging out with friends. Combine the two and you’ll begin to understand why shopping is an extremely popular activity in Mexicali, Mexico! Shopping in Mexicali is among the favorite pastimes for both local residents and tourists. The shopping malls in Mexicali diverse, beautiful, and functional. Fascinating one-of-a-kind products can be found in the stores within the shopping malls, as well as many modern items.

The most famous mall in Mexicali is the Plaza La Cachanilla. Named after the famous, fragrant Canchanilla plant that grows in Mexicali’s Valley, this mall is popular among the residents who frequently hangout here, as well as the foreigners who discover that everything they’re looking for can be found here. The main shopping products in this mall are the authentic handcrafted pieces of art and unique gift pieces that were lovingly created by some the most gifted artisans in Mexico. The food courts are beautifully designed and offer a good selection of dishes, of which Mexican food is easily the favorite.

The Plaza Mundo Divertido is another shopping mall that is unique in every sense of the word. Originally an amusement park, the mall’s name translates to, “fun world”. Visitors will enjoy its fun surroundings and the shopping selections, as well as the huge food court that offers a whole manner of delicious cuisine from all over the world. Among the highlights of this mall is its state of the art bowling alley where residents enjoy a few games and drinks after a grueling day from work.

A different type of shopping mall is the Plaza Catavina. Its main feature is its modern gym where the latest exercise machines can be found. Residents of Mexicali regard this gym as the “place to be seen”, the coolest hangout among the health buffs. But that’s not the only thing that can be found in this mall. The Plaza Catavina also features a great many assortment of souvenirs to choose from. Visitors looking for something to take home will find themselves choosing more than they initially thought they wanted. The latest fashion trends and finest jewelry can also be found within this mall, as well as modern electronic equipment and boutiques.

The shopping malls in Mexicali have just a little bit of everything to satisfy all your needs. Whether it’s shopping, watching movies, hanging out, or enjoying good food, you won’t find the shopping centers lacking in their offerings.

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