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Peaceful Hotels in Mulege

The town of Mulege in Baja California Sur is one of several towns located within the Baja municipality the same name. Other delegaciones or subdivisions in the municipality of Mulege include San Ignacio, Guerrero Negro, Bahia Tortugas, Santa Rosalia, Vizcaino, Isla Natividad and the town of Mulege. Having a population of roughly more than 50,000 and being a prime tourist destination, this Baja municipality therefore needs to have several hotels and lodging accommodations available all year round.

Although not like the large municipalities Tijuana, Ensenada or Los Cabos with their numerous hotels, motels, inns and resorts, Mulege has a fewer selection of hotel accommodations where visitors and tourists may choose from. Although not as many as in other large municipalities, Mulege still has a wide variety of hotels and other lodging accommodations that guests can stay in. There are different classes of hotels, plus some bead and breakfast inns, motels and even R.V. parks.

One hotel choice while staying in Mulege is the Hotel Serenidad which is found at the southern side of where the stream opens up towards the Sea of Cortez. Because of this Mulege hotel’s great location, it becomes a great place to stay of you wish to have close access to scuba diving, sports fishing, sea kayaking and other water sports and recreational activity facilities and services. Another notable hotel in Mulege is the newly constructed Hotel Las Casitas de Santa Rosalia where guests can enjoy having an unimpeded view of the sea right at the comforts of their own hotel rooms and suites.

Other Mulege hotels are Cuesta Real Hotel, Hacienda Hotel, Mulege Hotel, San Buenaventura Hotel, Terraza Hotel, Hotel Rosita, Hotel Brisa de Mar, Hotel Frances, Hotel El Morro and a few other hotels. These Mulege hotels can be found anywhere from the municipality capital town of Mulege to the farther outskirts of the municipality.

Bed and breakfasts are also plentiful in Mulege probably because the peaceful and rustic charm of B&B’s match harmoniously with the small town feel of Mulege. A popular B & B in Mulege is called Clementine’s Bed and Breakfast and Casitas. This Mulege bed and breakfast offers bed and breakfast rooms of different sizes and types and even has several casitas (villa-like cottages) that its guests are sure to like. Meals, especially breakfasts, at Clementine’s Bed and Breakfast are very special because they are made using the freshest ingredients and are based on traditional Mexican recipes. What better way to start a new day in Baja California that with a delicious and healthy breakfast served in a comfortable and pleasant hotel suite.

The Casa de Los Suenos B&B and the Casa Granada B&B are other Mulege bed & breakfast lodgings that provide guests with comfortable and scenic rooms, delicious home-cooked dishes and warm, friendly hospitality.

So the next time you visit Baja California, book a hotel in Mulege and enjoy life and culture in one of Baja’s great tourist destinations!

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