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Overflowing culture in tijuana

I cannot find any other description that would give Tijuana justice than a large overflowing hodge podge of culture and ideas. The city of Tijuana in Baja California is found at the northern region of the naturally gifted Mexican peninsula of Baja California. Being located where it is, Tijuana is also found at the immediate south of San Diego, California. These two very distinct cities of different countries are separated by the existence of the San Diego-Tijuana international border. This international border however, separates the two cities physically and spatially, it cannot keep the cultures and beliefs of these two cities from co-mingling and influencing each other.

Being a meeting point of two very distinct cultures and favorite destination for tourists and vacationers coming from all over the globe, expect to find a multitude of institutions and establishments in Tijuana that help promote the development and preservation of the city, the peninsula and the country’s culture.

Centro Cultural Tijuana
The Centro Cultural Tijuana, also called CECUT or the Cultural Center of Tijuana, is the number one stop that you should make if you wish to visit and experience the richness of Tijuana’s culture and art. Located at the tourist and commercial center of Zona Rio, the Tijuana Cultural Center is a large eye-catching piece of architecture that houses some of the most recognized works of art in the city and the peninsula.

Found just a stone’s throw away from the many hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions in the city, the Cultural Center of Tijuana helps preserve and encourage local crafts and art through its historical, cultural and artistic displays. Aside from visual works of art, other branches of art such as music, dance and film are also featured in the CECUT. Local artists and lovers of history and culture are constantly invited to attend film showings, painting exhibits, orchestra performances, theater plays and other outlets for the love of art and culture here at the principal cultural icon of Tijuana, Baja California.

Municipal Institute of Arts and Culture
It is great to know that even the local government is helping out in encouraging new artistic talents and preserving pride in local culture and history. The Municipal Institute of Arts and Culture in Tijuana ( or IMAC Tijuana for short ) is a branch in the municipality’s local government body that concerns itself with culture and history.

The services, programs and projects of IMAC Tijuana are varied as they are numerous. Some such programs and services include encouraging and providing artistic, cultural and historical education through workshops and schools, the establishment of cultural institutions such as museums and historic landmarks,and the dissemination of culture through publications, libraries, galleries and the like.

Other cultural institutions and groups in Tijuana, Baja California include Instituto de Cultura de Baja California (Institute of Culture in Baja Calfiornia), Casa de la Cultura de Playas, and the Sociedad de Historia de Tijuana (Tijuana Historical Society).

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