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Orquesta de Baja California Concert on March 27

The Orquesta de Baja California is a premium chamber orchestra based in Baja California, Mexico. The conductors of this renowned chamber orchestra from Baja California is Angel Romero and Armando Pesquiera and the orchestra has performed in many cities and countries in the world, along with other world renowned conductors and musicians. Another concert would be added to their already long list of performances, and this time it would be held in home, sweet home: Baja California.

On the 27th of March, 2012 at the Tijuana Cultural Center, the Orquesta de Baja California will take the stage for a presentation of a Claude Bolling antology at the Sala De Especáculos of CECUT at 8 pm. Tickets will be sold at $15 and a 50% discount will be given to students and senior citizens.

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  1. E. Swingle says:

    I heve been to a performance of yours where Angel Romero was the conductor and was enthralled with the beauty of the level of talent.

    I heard your orchestra playing a piece on FM 104.8, Hits Forever. I was so moved by it and tried to find out how to purchase the album on a dvd……….but it wouldn’t turn up on the computor at home, or at Barnes & Noble. Would you please have a moment to advise me as to what would be the name of the album and where I could buy it. It was listed as: 111 Tango, (Concierto de Sur a Norte) by Alberto Nunez Palacio… and performed by Orquestra de Baja California. Roberto Limon was the guitarist. I would be so grateful……thankyou, E. Swingle

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