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Open Bidding for the 4 billion dollar Baja Sea Port

On 2014, it is expected that the Baja Port which is currently being constructed some 150miles south of Tijuana, Baja California and it is considered as the largest infrastructure construction in all of Mexico as of this moment. Not only is it a very large structure but the Baja California sea port would also cost a large amount of money, somewhere around the figure of $ billion dollars in fact. The said Baja Sea Port would be open for bidding as this infrastructure construction would be a very beneficial source of business to possible bid winners.

If all goes well according to plan and the Baja sea port would be vital part of a shipping route that would connect the nations in the Pacific Ocean with those in North America. The shipping vessels docking at the Baja California sea port can unload all their cargo in Baja, Mexico and the shipments would then be transported to the very heart of the United States through a system of rails and trains.

In fact, this large and ambitious infrastructure project has already attracted the attention of many would be bidders and possible investors. These companies and corporations that already have their eyes on the Baja sea dock is said to include but is not limited to Hutchison Port Holdings of Hong Kong, DP World Dubai, Seattle’s SSA Marine and even the famous Mexican billionaire Mr. Carlos Slim Helu.

According to Subsecretary Manuel Rodriguez Arregui, the transportation secretariat of Mexico would issue a proposal that the winner of the said opening bidding for the Baja Sea Port can be chosen and announced by next year, 2009.

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