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Nighlife in Cabo San Lucas

Whether you are sixteen or sixty years old, a man or a woman, on a tight budget or loaded with cash, alone or in a group, it is certain that nothing will hamper you from enjoying the lively nightlife in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California. Known to many simply sa Cabo, this tropic tourist hot spot is flocked by vacationers, retirees, expats and tourists the whole year round. In fact, there are so many tourists in Cabo that the locals to tourists ratio is very high. Finding themselves in a tropical paradise full of beaches and deserts that are great all year round, what better activity will these tourists engage in than in partying.

Cabo San Lucas is found at the northwestern side of Los Cabos, where it stands at opposite ends of the region with its sister town of San Jose del Cabo while the famous Tourist Corridor sits between the two towns. These three distinct areas form the popular vacation destination of Los Cabos. And like any other tourist hot spot, nightclubs, bars and discotheques are a must-have in Cabo order to provide amusement and recreational activities for their party-loving guests.

Hopping from bar to bar in Cabo San Lucas is a very convenient and enjoyable activity because of the the town’s compact size and structure. Party-goers need not have their own cars in order to visit one bar after the other because most nightclubs in Cabo San Lucas are concentrated in tourist spots and nightlife districts. You can easily go to one Cabo bar and walk a block or two to find another one that you like. You can even walk across several streets in Cabo and see bar after bar after bar lining the streets.

There are dozens of bars and nightclubs that you can party in when in Cabo San Lucas, and there are many kinds to choose from. There are Cabo nightclubs are a favorite of those who love dancing. Whether you like moving to sexy salsa music, upbeat hiphop sounds or even if line dancing is your style, there is a Cabo bar for you. Live music is another popular entertainment choice provided by several Cabo San Lucas nightclubs, and I’m not just talking about mariachi bands. Find bars that provide live jazz, reggae, rock, and techno music in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California.

What nightlife experience would be complete without drinking? To party-goers who have a taste for shots, mugs, pints and barrels, you can definitely wet your whistle while enjoying the Cabo San Lucas night scene. Mexico is known for several very unique alcoholic drinks such as their red wine, the tequila and the flavorful margarita, all of which and more are available in Cabo San Lucas nightclubs and bars. Unlike in the US where the legal drinking age is 21, Baja California has a legal drinking age of 18 so that college students and senior high school in Cabo can actually experience the joys of drinking in Cabo legally.

So what are you waiting for? Pack a few aspirins along with your luggage and come experience Cabo San Lucas nightlife at its liveliest!

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