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Nice hotels in Loreto

The quaint municipality of Loreto, Baja California Sur is appreciated by tourists and by local residents precisely because of its quaintness and small town Mexico appeal. Unlike other Baja California municipalities that are teeming with noisy, happy-go-lucky tourists and vacationers, Loreto might seem like a deserted paradise because of its uncongested streets, beaches and hotels, as well as its well-preserved local history and culture. For vacationers, visitors, tourists and backpackers staying a night or more in Loreto, you would be delighted to know that hotels for different preferences and budgets abound in this peaceful resort town.

Whatever Loreto hotel you might be staying in, you are bound to enjoy a breathtaking, natural landscape whenever you look out your bedroom suite or bathroom window. Loreto is fortunately located between two very contrasting yet harmonious landscapes. To the eastern portion of Loreto are the coastal mountain ranges that run starting from the north of the Baja California Peninsula all the way to its southern tip. The ranges of Sierra de la Giganta is one of the most impressive mountains in Baja California’s mountain ranges, and its arresting vastness can be seen from many of the hotels located in Loreto.

Of course, no Baja California hotel experience will be complete without a view of the glimmering turquoise waves of the Gulf of California (more popularly called by locals as the Sea of Cortez or Mar de Cortes). Beachfront Loreto hotels usually charge more than those hotels that do not have front row seats to the breathtaking sight of the Loreto beaches and the Sea of Cortez. Most beachfront hotels in Loreto have private terraces and patios so that their hotel guests can enjoy the fresh tropical winds and the colorful sunsets and sunrises in Loreto, Baja California Sur.

The Camino Real Loreto is a luxury hotel that has become a favorite of vacationing families because of its welcoming atmosphere and its hospitable hotel staff. Aside from its large and beautifully decorated hotel rooms and suites, the Camino Real Loreto also provides its hotel guests with access to outdoor jacuzzis, fitness center, volleyball court, basketball court, sauna room, children’s pool, Olympic size pool, fishing spots, bars and several restaurants. It also has beach access and is near Loreto’s commercial district.

But if you want to experience Loreto’s more rustic and quaint accommodations since that is exactly what Loreto is all about, then you would be pleased to know that there are several very promising hotels in Loreto that reflect the municipality’s peaceful and old-world charm.

The Coco Cabañas Loreto is a small hotel that many vacationers simply adore because of its quiet and relaxing atmosphere regardless of the fact that it is very near the beach and the main town. The Coco Cabañas Loreto has around a dozen cabañas or cottages complete with bedrooms, a living room, a private patio and even a kitchen where hotel guests can stay and feel right at home. The El Oasis Loreto and the Hacienda suites are also small hotels that exude that old-world-Mexican-fishing-village feel that attracts many tourists. The Secluded El Santuario promises an eco-retreat experience where guest can enjoy the beauty of Loreto’s natural wonders as well as participate in activities such as yoga, group calisthenics, and even writing workshops.

Vacationing families, backpacking singles, tourists with large budgets and travelers with limited finances is sure to find a Loreto hotel that can accommodate all your lodging needs and wants.

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