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New Youth Ecological Patrol in Rosarito

If the youth really holds key to the future, then the students of Rosarito High School in Rosarito Municipality, Baja California seem determined to prove this through the Ecological Patrol that they themselves have organized. On the 11th of March 2008, the students of Rosarito High School conducted the very first Ecological Patrol in the City of Rosarito and they decided that the first area to patrol, clean and plant would be the field areas at the PEMEX zone.

Here, the high school students armed with shovels, pails, gardening forks and gardening gloves cleaned, weeded, dug and planted for hours on end. At the end of the day, more than 200 plant seedlings donated by Home Depot were planted on the PEMEX grounds.

The group of high school students from Rosarito High School were coordinated by Julian Sanchez Perez and Jose Kury Gutiérrez. They did not do this alone however, but also received praise and support from the Rosarito High School and the local government.

Over these past few months, Rosarito has been taking active steps in creating a better image of the city to boast its tourism. An anti-graffiti program was begun as well as a tourism patrol, but it is very nice to see that even the youth are taking an active part in making their community and municipality better, not just for tourists but for everyone else.

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