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New Security Measures Implemented in Baja California Norte

Instead of denying the rumored crimes and police harassment incidents in Tijuana and other Baja California cities, local authorities in Baja decided to take proactive steps in order to further protect tourists and ensure them of their safety.

One of these said steps involves the hiring of bilingual agents at the District Attorney Office at Tijuana, Ensenada and Rosarito City so that tourists and guests would have no problem communicating concerns and questions to the local District Attorney’s Office of the Baja city they are in. These English-speaking agents would also be very helpful when tourist need to process or attend one of the Modules at the offices of the State Justice Department in Baja California (also called the PGJE).

For convenience, an 800 number for tourist information would also be created so that Baja vacationers and visitors can easily pick up a phone and ask information about legal matters and tourist assistance. In case of emergencies, tourists in Baja California who have with them a US mobile phone can also dial 911 and they would immediately be redirected to one of the local police force stations in the Baja city where they are in.

Many tourists who have complaints or reports to but are afraid of reporting to the local authorities in Baja due to the fear of possible extortion or lack of positive action are advised to put aside their fears and report crime incidences and complaints to the proper authorities in Baja. But now, they would also have another choice: they can go to the Procuraduría General de la República (PGR) offices in San Diego, California and make file their reports and complaints there if it would make them feel safer from extortion. However, local authorities in Baja are doing all they can to get rid of extortion in the peninsula for the safety and convenience of tourists.

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