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New Safety Measures Placed on Baja Toll Road

Due to the growing number of reported crimes committed on American tourists along the Baja Toll Road, 24-hour patrols have been placed there since the early part of December this year to prevent these crimes from happening. Called the Angeles Verdes, these Baja Coastal Road patrols would be provided both by the municipalities in the area such as Tijuana, Rosarito and Ensenada as well as by the Federal Government of Baja California.

The Baja Coastal Toll Road is a major road which connects Tijuana to other southern municipalities of the peninsula all the way to Ensenada. Recent reports have shown that corrupt police officials as well as criminals posing as policemen have been extorting American tourist coming to Baja California through this road. In order to prevent further attacks from occurring plans for other security measures are on the way.

Some suggested security steps to be taken include the installation of more and better lighting along the road including all its exit points and placing emergency phones along the coastal roadside. There is also great pressure place on President Felipe Calderon, current leader of the Mexican Republic, to be more active with regards to the process of identifying, capturing and putting to justice these criminals.

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