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New Rosarito Administration Facing Old Dilemmas

It seems like it has not been long since new administration of Rosarito, Baja California had been appointed and already they are facing issues and problems that have already existed during the previous administration.

The new administrative government occupied the Rosarito City Hall expecting to find several new computer units which apparently have been purchased during the reign of the last administration. These computers as well as other office equipment have been bought specifically for the improvement of the documentation and organization of files in the Rosarito City Hall. However, the new administration discovered that these brand new computers were missing when they moved into the city hall and only old, obsolete ones remained. There were also several files and documents found missing in the City Hall of Rosarito and disorder seems to have complete reign over the establishment.

The question as to where these government properties and files are remains unsolved. The new Rosarito Administration however is already hard at work re-organizing documents, files and departments in the city hall and an investigation regarding the missing government properties might soon be underway.

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