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New Plans to Accelerate Border Crossing Created

The Tijuana-San Diego international border is said to be the busiest international border in the entire planet. Aside from the border crossing points in Tijuana, there are also other border cities in the peninsula of Baja California including the cities of Mexicali and Tecate.

Although the international border between these two countries receive plenty of visitors everyday, there still remains some problems and hang-ups with regards to the slow rate of border crossing. In fact, according to the Baja Times, more than 10 billion dollars is lost every year due to waiting time. In order to remedy this issue, a new agreement has been created in order to help accelerate the rate of border crossing between these two areas.

On the 4th of March of 2007, an agreement was signed by Governor Jose Guadalupe Osuna Millán, who is the governor of Baja California, regarding the acceleration of crossing the border. The agreement was also signed by the mayors of Baja California border cities, meaning Mexicali, Tecate and Tijuana. Officials from local government and members of the business industry were also present during the said event.

Part of this agreement is a series of road and traffic plans that would hopefully lead to a faster process of border crossing between the two countries. A vehicular bridge spanning the Tijuana River Channel was proposed as well as the placement of ramps. The roads and gates along the Otay Mesa border crossing points were also proposed to be expanded so as to allow more vehicles from passing.

Aside from infrastructure development along Mexico and the United States’ area of the international border, the system of inspection and identification are also to be improved. Many other proposed steps were created including the creation of additional Sentri lanes, pre-inspection of items and goods to be transported through the border, and possible construction of an International Tourist terminal.

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