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New Express Way Makes Baja Border Crossing Easier

It is estimated that the number of individuals who cross the Tijuana-San Diego border every year exceeds the figure of 25 million. That makes the international border between Baja California and San Diego the busiest international border in the entire planet.

Over the years, the system of border crossing has undergone plenty of changes and improvements, making border crossing easier and faster. With the expected completion of the new South Bay Expressway however, commuters and regular border crossers expect that their daily border crossing would become even easier and faster.

With the new toll road, traveling to and from Otay Mesa and Chula Vista is sure to be safer and faster. This new improvement in San Diego-Baja California border crossing however, does not come for free. A toll fee must be paid in order for motorists to benefit from the existence of the new South Bay Expressway. Many motorists and commuters however, expect that the benefits of traveling faster in a safer expressway would make every penny spent on toll ticket to count.

The completion of the new toll expressway would greatly help improve the local industry of Baja and of San Diego as well. Local tourism would also receive a boost from the benefit of an easier, faster border crossing alternative road.

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