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New Book About Baja Fishing Recently Launched

Recently, a book about the delights of Baja California fishing and everything in between was launched with the quirky title of “Hooked on Baja”. This informative and entertaining book was written by Tom Gatch and published by the Countryman Press and is being sold for about $22.

Tom Gatch’s book talks about his Baja California fishing adventures and he gives out fishing tips, traveling advices, seafood recipes, Baja trivia and other useful information while doing so. Gatch also mentions some things about Baja real estate, tourist information, Baja restaurants and the peninsula’s history are also most entertaining, not to mention information.

Many people, both residents of Baja and avid vacationers, were delighted with book “Hooked on Baja” because it reminds Baja lovers why Baja California is one of their favorite vacation spots and it informs those who have never been to Baja before what they are missing. Especially now that Baja California, especially those cities in Baja California Norte like Tijuana and Rosarito, are experiencing a decline in their tourism industry, books such as this are very helpful in uplifting the image of the entire Baja California Peninsula.

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