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New Anti Graffiti Proposed Law in Rosarito

Graffiti will not be tolerated. That in a nutshell is the reason for the new Anti-Graffiti proposal submitted to the local government of Rosarito, Baja California. Due to the rampant destruction and violation of public and private property through graffiti vandalism, the local government with assistance from the state government of Baja and the Federal government of Mexico is now studying a proposal to counter graffiti vandalism through harsher penalties.

A study was done in order to have an idea how other cities such as New York and San Diego put a stop graffiti vandalism from their areas and four possible steps have been revealed. Eradication is one of these steps and it involves the quick eradication of graffiti as soon as possible. This means that if a new graffiti is sprayed over a city wall for instance, government officials should quickly act to remove this form of vandalism if possible within 24 hours. This is said to prove the point that graffiti would not be tolerated and offenders would soon stop engaging in this after some time.

The second and third steps are somewhat interconnected. The second step, seeking the public’s participation, involves the entire community in the fight against graffiti within the city. Educating the residents, especially kids and teenagers, of the negative effects it has on the entire community is the third step. These anti-graffiti steps would encourage the residents to turn in graffiti vandals is said to greatly help advance the campaign against graffiti vandalism.

The fourth anti-graffiti step would then involve the creation of harsher penalties for graffiti vandals, especially for second and repeated offenders. This would further drive the point that graffiti vandalism is a crime which in no way would be tolerated in Rosarito, Baja California.

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