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New AMAR President has a lot planned for Rosarito Artist Community

Newly elected President for the AMAR or Association del Movimiento Artistico de Rosarito ( Artist Action Association of Rosarito) is reported to have a lot of projects and ideas lined up to further develop Rosarito’s artist community and reputation.

Over the months, Rosarito Mayor Hugo Torres has been busy thinking up ways to boost up Rosarito’s tourist industry and improve its reputation. This time, Rosarito Beach seems to have set its eyes towards the further development of Rosarito’s reputation as a cultural and artistic capital in the peninsula of Baja California, Mexico.

According to Rocio Hoffman, Rosarito is home to hundreds of artists and craftsmen. Some of them are locals while others are foreigners, other work dabble in the arts from time to time while others are immersed full time in this field and make a living out of it. Some are musicians. Others painters. Some are folk dancers, theater performers, sculptors, jewelry designers, literary writers and composers. Rosarito Beach also has a very lively artist colony which is home to all these artists and more.

The goal of AMAR President Hoffman is to establish Rosarito Beach as a famous artist community in Baja California. Aside from the artists and cultural richness of Rosarito, they also plan to bank on the convenient and inspiring geographic location of Rosarito Beach.

At the moment, there are already two planned artistic events to be held in Rosarito, both of which are big, spectacular art festivals that would be held annually. They also plan to work side by side with the San Diego in order to create an international art committee that would help them in promoting awareness, supporting artists, preserving culture and creating a sense of community in Rosarito, Baja California as well as in the neighboring city of San Diego, California in the United States.

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