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Neighborhood Patrols Keeping the City of Rosarito Safe

Tijuana is not the only Baja California Norte that has been rendering tremendous amounts of effort, time and money in keeping its neighborhoods safe and its tourism economy active. The City of Rosarito has also been taking some very proactive steps in maintaining the popularity of its tourism industry as well as the safety condition of its city, and one such step involves city-wide neighborhood patrols in Rosarito.

Recently, the police officials in Tijuana, Ensenada, Rosarito and other areas in Baja California have been unarmed in the campaign to diminish the instances of extortion and corruption which has been the reason for the decline in the tourism industry of Baja over the months. Instead, the local government of Rosarito has issued more officials to patrol the neighborhoods and public places of the city to ensure peace and order for both residents and tourists.

According to Ricardo Moreno Villa, current president of the Rosarito Citizens’ Public Safety and Security Committee, the increase of patrols in the different neighborhood of Rosarito has led to a decrease in crime rates. Criminals and delinquents seem to be discouraged from pursuing lawless acts because of the visible increase of patrols and police officials in the City of Rosarito. Rosarito residents and visitors are looking forward to more positive news in the coming weeks and months as the city-wide patrols of Rosarito continue.

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