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Traveling to the town of Mulege in Baja California Sur is like traveling to another time in history. Unlike the rapidly developing cities and villages in the Mexican peninsula of Baja California such as Tijuana, Los Cabos and La Paz, the town of Mulege seems to have changed a little since the time when it was still a small fishing village centuries ago. And it is this paradise-like simplicity and the natural beauty of its surroundings that makes it such an appealing place to visit any time of the year.

Nestled in a valley between two hills and cleaved by a sparkling stream that opens up to the abundant expanse which is the Sea of Cortez, Mulege is blessedly located amidst such an amazing environment. Here in this Mexican paradise, vacationers can enjoy swimming, scuba diving, sea kayaking, mounting biking and many other recreational activities. Mulege is most well-known for its world class sportfishing since the abundance of the Sea of Cortez combined with Mulege’s advantageous location makes for an unforgettable fishing experience!

Come away to the town of Mulege where old-world charm, splendid natural surroundings and a rich Mexican culture transforms this sleepy little nook into a vibrant paradise community!

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