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Motels in Baja

Aside from the beautiful beaches, delicious food, inspiring historical spots, breathtaking nature, exhilarating nightlife and enjoyable fiestas that the peninsula of Baja California is visited for, another reason why people love to go to Baja is because of the affordable prices of goods and services there. Whether you are paying for scuba diving equipment rental, shopping for bargain souvenirs or eating out in Baja restaurants, you are sure to find that the rates of prices in Baja California are usually lower than those in the United States. In short, Baja California is the perfect place to go to for a vacation, holiday, weekend or any special event if you want to save money.

There are plenty of luxurious resorts and hotels all over Baja California, from the north westernmost region which is Tijuana and all the way south to Cabo San Lucas. These hotels and resorts offer amazing features such as heated in-door Olympic size pools with pool bars that you can swim up to, jacuzzis in all the hotel suites, and even personal suite butlers and cooks. However, the overnight rates of these hotels are sure to be quite high. The hotel rates in Baja California can range from $80 to more than $700 per overnight stay depending on the size and facilities of the suite as well as the location and facilities of the hotel.

But you do not have to confine yourself to choosing one of the expensive hotel accommodations in Baja if you think that their rates are higher than what you are willing to pay. For those visiting Baja who want to save some money, you can try staying in one of the many motels found in almost every city and town in Baja California.

Motels can usually be found in tourist districts, business centers and cultural spots in Baja California cities and towns in order to accommodate those on vacations and business trips who are looking for lodgings on a budget. The overnight rates may vary depending on the location, size and available facilities that the suites and motels have to offer. The availability of a terrace, an ocean view, kitchenette, air conditioning, carpeted floors and other motel room features may increase the rates of the rooms. Peak seasons such as summer time, weekends and holidays may also hike up the rates of motel rooms. Motel room rates from Mondays to Thursdays are usually lowered, especially during winter and autumn off seasons.

You can find a clean and cozy motel room for just $20 a night in Baja California, especially in places that are a little far from main highways and city centers. However, you have to look hard because these Baja motels usually get booked fast because of their affordable-appeal. For a mere $70, you can also rent a two bedroom motel suite with a kitchenette, terrace, private bath and an ocean or desert view.

There are plenty of enjoyable recreational activities in Baja California. If you are a vacationer on a tight budget, you should try staying in one of the motels in Baja so that the money you saved can be used for other fun activities such as scuba diving, shopping, bar hopping or dining out.

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