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Mexicali nightlife

Mexicali may not be as wild as its neighboring cities in terms of all-night dance clubs, but there are a lot more diverse offerings that can only be found here. The nightlife in Mexicali is also fun-filled, with traces of that wonderful Mexican hospitality to add to the festivities.

Hardcore metal fans will never feel bored in Mexicali once they have a taste of El Jardin del Silencio. This Extreme Rock Bar specializes in live acts that play thrash, speed, doom, progressive, and death metal. There are no funky beats or heart wrenching love songs in this place. This bar is ideal for the hardcore metal purists.

The UNI Irish Pub is perhaps one of the friendliest, relaxed hangouts in Mexicali. This Irish-style is famous for “Meeting and making friends” (its motto). The greatest UK rock and pop music, both past and present, can be heard in the background as one enjoys the cozy atmosphere and the great brews and cocktail mixes by experienced barmen.

For the artistically inclined individual, the Velouria is the only place to go to. Great music is accompanied by great conversation and expression of ideas by whatever artistic means necessary. Far from the depressed topics that one might expect, the conversations here are inclined towards learning from and about interesting people as one travels down the road we call life. Perhaps the most attractive idea here is the fact that they allow visitors to program their own music selection. Just bring your music player with 30 minutes worth of your favorite tunes and register it at the entrance.

If you’re up for a bit of nostalgic rock, then La Tabla is the place for you. This bar is known for having live bands play blast-from-the-past iconic rock tunes from Janis Joplin to Queen and Led Zeppelin. You won’t hear any of the modern pop rock hits in this place. Truly a wonderful experience for the former hippies looking to relive the past, and the misguided youth seeking to discover the roots of real rock and roll.

Cafe Luna is a bohemian that specializes on the cultural offerings of Mexicali. A relaxed evening can be experienced here as one sits back to enjoy the good local music while sipping a hot Latte Chai or some wine.

Of course it’s not all about music in Mexicali. Sports fans also have a place they can call their own in the form of La Cucuracha. Translated as the cockroach, this sports bar is a fantastic spot for knocking down a couple of beers while enjoying the best Mexican soccer goals. Open until the wee hours of the morning, La Cucuracha serves wonderful local beer from Mexicali accompanied by fantastic snacks that will leave you ordering for more.

While there may be no wild dance parties in Mexicali, this city is definitely far from boring. The nightlife in this city just goes to show that dancing is not the only way to appreciate good music.

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