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Loreto Real Estate

Most of the municipalities in Baja California Sur, or in the entire Baja California Peninsula for that matter, are very well-known vacation and holiday destinations. Los Cabos, La Paz, Cabo San Lucas and Tijuana enjoy thousands of visiting tourists and backpackers on a daily basis. Baja California Sur’s municipality of Loreto however, is one of those very few places in the entire peninsula of Baja California that makes people want to stay and live there until the end of their days, not just for a few days or weeks.

Over the past few years, Loreto’s real estate industry has seen some significant growth and development. Many of the vacationers and tourists that frequent Loreto because of its pristine beaches, bio-diverse marine life, its many hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions, and its unique old-world Mexican ambiance have bought real estate property in Loreto. Not only will you save a lot of money in the long run by having a home in Loreto instead of renting a townhouse or a hotel suite every time you visit, but tremendous amounts of time and energy spent on finding a lodging in Loreto are also saved.

Real estate owners in Loreto, whether residential or commercial real estate property owners, will benefit from the many facilities and activities available in the area. Kayaking, scuba diving, swimming, hiking, camping, horseback riding, snorkeling, sports fishing, sailing and golfing are just some of the many recreational facilities that are available in Loreto. There are also many historical spots, such as old churches and prehistoric cave paintings, that lend their history to the entire municipality.

Aside from the numerous man-made tourist attractions in Loreto, real estate property owners in this municipality can also enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and sights of the place. The sight of the Sierra de la Giganta, the Sea of Cortez, and the desert bloom-covered deserts can be enjoyed by real estate property owners in Loreto 24 hours a day, everyday.

The municipality’s real estate business has also profited from the fact that Loreto is in close proximity to San Diego. The convenience of having an airport right at the heart of Loreto has also made it accessible to many states in the United States. Alaska Airlines flies from L.A. To Loreto everyday, Aeromexico makes weekday flights to Phoenix and weekend flights to San Diego, Continental Airlines travels twice a week from Houston to Loreto, and Delta flies daily from Los Angeles to Loreto. Aside from vacationers and home owners traveling to and from Loreto, many businessmen and entrepreneurs investing in Loreto real estate property also benefit from the municipality’s proximity to the United States and it available air transportation.

Loreto, Baja California Sur offers the perfect combination of cultural preservation and commercial growth. Real estate developments in Loreto are aware of the fact that Loreto’s appeal is due most to its small town charm and quaintness, thus they and local government work together in making sure that the locality’s culture, natural wonders and rustic appeal are preserved.

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