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Looking for whales in Baja Peninsula

Whale watching can be a very novel experience to most people since it is not everyday that we get to have a glimpse of these gigantic gentle giants in their natural habitats. There are actually many different species of whales which vary in size, color, habitat, shape and many other characteristics. Unfortunately, many of them are also extinct which makes the sighting of these rare whale species a very uncommon event. There are also others that are indigenous to certain places and areas only, so that one has to travel to wherever that certain species of whale thrives in order for you to see it in person.

In most cities found in North America, the continent being mainly comprised of land masses, whale watching is a recreational activity that not many have experience or have the opportunity to enjoy. However, you need not worry if you yourself wishes to go whale watching since there are some cities in the continent of North America where this recreational activity is possible. One such city is the City of La Paz in the Mexican peninsula of Baja California.

Baja California is located at the immediate south of San Diego, California making it an easy and conveniently close place which US residents can visit. The City of La Paz is located at the southern part of the peninsula called Baja California Sur where it faces the beautiful and expansive Gulf of California. Locals however, call the Gulf of California as Mar de Cortes or the Sea of Cortez after the Spanish conquistador who first discovered the Baja California peninsula by traveling through this body of water. And it is also here at the Sea of Cortez where locals and tourists gather to go whale watching.

It is during the month of March until late into May that colonies of whales migrate from the still frigid waters of the south where the ice of the winter continues to make the waters very cold and unfit for breeding. Thus, numerous whales of several different species swim towards the warm soothing waters of the Sea of Cortez where they will breed and where they will also find bountiful sources of food for themselves and their new born calves.

The Sea of Cortez is actually considered as the most biologically diversified body of water in the planet, and it is home or host to a number of whale species including the Grey Whales, Blue Whales, Bryde’s Whales, Humpback Whales, Fin Whales, Fin Whales and many others. The whale shark, which is not actually a whale but a sort of enormous, plankton-eating fish, can also be found swimming around the waters of the Sea of Cortez. They have also been the object of many whale watching tours although in essence, they are not really a whale species, but they are nonetheless as impressive and gentle as whales.

What’s great about many whale watching tours in La Paz is that customers may be taken out to sea on yachts, sailboats and tour boats where they can see close hand these majestic creatures. It is also not unique that a curious whale would swim towards the whale watching tour boats and guests can easily reach out and pat their gentle and huge heads.

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