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Latino Art Galleries in Need of More Patrons

It seems that Latin American art galleries, including those in Baja California Mexico, are undergoing a rough patch due to the decline in patrons and art buyers.

The number of art galleries exhibiting Latino art found on both side of the border have closed or are already contemplating to close their establishments due to lack of patrons an buyers which in consequence leads to lack of funds. This week in fact, two art galleries will be closing their doors to Mexican artists in need of a place to showcase their masterpiece.

These two are galleries are both independent, privately owned galleries located in Baja California. Tijuana’s Galeria H&H as well as Expressions of Mexico found in Barrio Logan are not going to see the end of the week since both will close this coming Friday.

Latino gallery owners would not be the only ones who will suffer from the closure of these art galleries. Local artists will have less and less galleries to show and sell their artworks in. Not only will they not earn fame and money, but there is also a chance that the talents and skills of local artists would remain underdeveloped due a lack of outlet. The local culture would also be greatly affected since residents and visitors of Baja would have fewer galleries to visit.

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