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La Paz nightlife

Some say that the nightlife in La Paz often begins at sunset – people gravitate to the Malecon (the beach front walk) to have coffee or a few drinks as the sun sinks into the turquoise depths of La Paz waters before moving on to other bars or coffee shops for other forms of entertainment. Others say that the La Paz night life doesn’t really start until way past dinner (in true Mexican fashion), around ten or eleven at night. Either way, there is always something to do when the stars come out in La Paz.

Of course, there are the usual suspects: bars and discos and dance clubs, oh my! The nightlife in La Paz is filled with music, which range from traditional Mexican (Mariachi bands are known to roam the beach front area), to techno and rock. Bars and restaurants often have nightly live music performances, while nightclubs start playing the hottest and most popular modern music at nine or ten in the evening. As for drinks, people can get anything from beer to standard mixed to Mexican bartender specials – top class tequila, need anyone say more?

Of course, drinks and dancing is not for everyone. For those who would prefer to spend their night drinking in the sights, scenes and culture of La Paz instead of the local alcohol, there is always the Malecon. At night, the Malecon stays lit and is ideal for an extensive session of people-watching – from the mariachi band to families, from locals to tourists and from individuals to couples. You can either sit in a small coffee place and watch them walk by or allow yourself to get swept away by them, wandering among them while eating the ice cream you bought at that place near the central pier. The Malecon also has shops that are open well into the night, allowing everyone extra browsing and purchasing time – it’s something of a shopaholic’s dream.

Apart from the Malecon, there are more conventional ways of taking in the La Paz (and general Mexican) culture. La Paz isn’t called Baja California Sur’s culture capital for nothing. It hosts the well-established Teatro de Ciudad (also known as The City Theater in English) and the famous Teatro Juarez, both of which hold nightly events and concerts featuring local and foreign talent. For those with less high-brow tastes, there are the movie theaters – there are about two the city – that often show movies in English (subtitled in Spanish) for three US dollars. If you watch a movie on a Tuesday, you’re likely to get a fantastic two-movies-for-the-price-of-one deal.

If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to book a vacation in La Paz right before the Lenten season and experience Carnaval (that’s Mardi Gras in America) La Paz style. The event makes the La Paz nightlife that much more interesting, with the street parades, dancing and the colorful festivities.

But whether you come for a special occasion or just a regular trip, there is always something to do in La Paz – from the moment the sun sets until the sun peeks in to say “hola!”

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