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La Paz camp grounds

La Paz in Baja California Sur, being part of an internationally protected eco-sphere, is among the world’s most popular eco-tourism spots all over the world. All the wonders of nature peculiar to La Paz have been wonderfully preserved despite the quickly-progressing development of the charming city. These features unique to La Paz can of course be appreciated from afar. But some would contend that a person can’t really see the real beauty of a place unless they have experienced its untouched and unspoiled corners. And what better way to do this than to go camping?

Because La Paz is nestled between the beautiful white sand beaches leading to the Sea of Cortez and entire stretches of gold-hued desert, this capital of Baja California Sur is ideally positioned for campers who would like to either fall asleep to the sound of waves colliding with shore and rock or gaze at the open expanse of star-spangled sky that covers a wide horizon – vision largely unhampered by mountains. Some campers even camp on either side in the span of a weekend or vacation. Locals and visitors alike indulge in this act of communion with the land that cradles La Paz.

Among the most popular camping spots in La Paz is the Sierra de la Laguna (also known as The Lagoon’s Mountain Range in English), which is an ideal place for hiking and observing the region’s natural flora and fauna. Many nature lovers from all over the world regularly ask permission (this place being a protected natural area) to travail the mountains of this range not only for the local animal and plant life, but for the variety of geographical features it displays: from tree-lined forests to dry rocky desert cliffs, the Sierra de la Laguna near the capital of La Paz serves as a showcase the many faces of mother nature. Pitching a tent and resting here, you are left in awe of how much bigger the world outside of our individual selves is.

Camping by the beaches of La Paz – particularly in less crowded sites like San Evaristo Beach and Coyote’s Point – is also very popular; some resorts even offer camping gear, if not a camping spot to their guests. The early afternoon-to-dawn cool winds brought by the Pacific Ocean, coupled by the quiet swaying of palm tree leaves make for an extremely relaxing experience for the camper. The beauty of these borders to the sea do not simply hinge on the fact that they are places to swim, but that they are, as the name capital they are connected to implies, harbingers of peace.

Visitors who would like to experience camping in La Paz but are not so comfortable being too close to nature can find accommodation via several RV and trailer parks near the city. These parks feature modern amenities such as bath facilities with running water and laundries. They are often situated very close to shops and restaurants; some even have cottages and swimming pools for the benefit of their guests.

There are many ways to meet and experience the wonders of nature in La Paz; so whether you want to get your hands dirty all the way or just dip your toes into the mud a bit, you will find that connection that you came for.

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