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Inspection of Fireworks Stores conducted by Rosarito Fire Department and Code Enforcement Office

During the weeks leading up to the coming of the New Year, the Fire Department of Rosarito along with the Code Enforcement Office have conducted inspections of small and large fireworks shops in order to ensure the safety of vendors and buyers as well. The lighting and display of fireworks has been a long time tradition to celebrate the coming of a new year, however, this is one tradition that has lead to the injury and destruction of properties and people during the past.

In order to prevent deaths, physical injuries and fires, surprise inspections of fireworks retail stores in Rosarito were done. According to Captain Hector Castelan Medina of the Rosarito Fire Department, a license to sell fireworks in Rosarito is necessary to ensure the safety of the public. This means that those who have passed certain standards such as having proper storage spaces and complying to the requirements of selling products with gun powder may be granted permits and licenses to sell these fireworks. There have been stores and establishments in the past who have not followed these safety guidelines and the results were fires, sudden explosions and fatalities.

Those who have been discovered to sell fireworks without the proper permits and licenses or those who have been found unable to comply with the minimum safety standards would have their fireworks confiscated. After the seizure of the fireworks and due investigation, officials would either find a safe way to destroy the fireworks or else store then in a safe and properly ventilated storage unit.

The public may also take part in preventing fires, explosions, injuries and fatalities caused by fireworks from occurring by reporting suspected illegal retail outlets and irregular firework factory or storage to the proper authorities. The local fire department of Rosarito and the Code Enforcement Office would immediately send officials to the location to investigate further these reported activities and incidents.

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