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Indigenous art and crafts store newly opened in Ensenada

In order to raise the living conditions of several indigenous tribes in Ensenada as well as to provide locals and tourists with a permanent place to buy their crafts work, the Nativa Shumup Ko-hop indigenous art and crafts store was opened in Ensenada.

Every year, indigenous culture and folk art is celebrated in Ensenada, Baja California through the Festival Nativa or the Native Festival. During this event, locals and foreigners are treated to traditional performances, local dishes, and folk art and craftwork of indigenous tribes on Baja California. Among the many indigenous tribes in the entire municipality of Ensenada, four among these have constantly participated in sharing their culture through the said event. These indigenous communities are the the Paipai, Kiwa, Kumiai and Cucapa.

As mentioned earlier, the art and crafts of these indigenous Baja communities are display and sold during the Nativa Festival every year. Tourists and locals have thus discovered the beauty and uniqueness of these native artworks. Unfortunately, the only opportunity to see and buy these folk artworks of indigenous Baja tribes in during the annual event. Thus, through the help of several non-profit organizations such as the Baja California Native Cultures Institute and the Terra Peninsular A.C. With the support of the Alliance for Sustainable Development of Baja California Indigenous Communities, the Nativa Shumup Ko-hop came to be.

The name of this indigenous art and crafts store means “The dream come true”. The store sells native art works and crafts ware such as pottery, ceramics, woven baskets, native jewelry, tribal weapons, and several other items. Not only does the store provide a permanent place for interested tourists to buy souvenirs but the proceeds from the store would benefit the indigenous communities in Ensenada. Those wishing to visit the Nativa Shumup Ko-hop can will find it at the Centro Artesanal de Ensenada along Boulevard Costero.

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