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Hotels all around Baja

It comes as no surprise that a well-known tourist destination such as the peninsula of Baja California in Mexico should have several hotels and lodging accommodations located all over the entire Baja peninsula. From the northernmost municipalities of Baja such as Mexicali and Tijuana, all the way to the southernmost tip of the peninsula where the municipality of Los Cabos is situated, hundreds of hotels and lodging accommodations await the thousands of tourists and vacationers who come to enjoy Baja California everyday.

Tourists and vacationers who plan on coming to Baja California will take delight at the fact that the lodging accommodations in Baja are almost as diverse as they are plenty. Baja visitors can choose from romantic bed and breakfast hotels, affordable motels, exciting resorts, rustic villas, and everything from one-star to five-star luxury hotels. The great number of lodging options in Baja California ensures that vacationers of any budget and personal preferences are bound to find a Baja hotel that they will like.

Baja California features several contrasting landscapes and natural wonders, all of which are equally beautiful and breathtaking. What’s great about Baja hotels is that they are located within sight of these magnificent Baja California sights and sceneries. If you love the sight of golden yellow sand dunes covered with brightly colored desert blooms, why not stay in a ranch or hotel located near one of Baja California’s expansive deserts. There are also plenty of motels and hotels in Baja that takes advantage of the impressive view that the Baja California coastal mountain ranges offer. Vacationers can find plenty of mountain side or mountain top hotels and inn in Baja California where guests can enjoy fresh mountain breezes and breathtaking mountain views.

Of course, a large number of hotels and lodging accommodations in Baja California can also be found right in the heart of the commercial and tourist districts of Baja cities. Luxury hotels and affordable motels aplenty can be found in Ensenada, Tijuana, Loreto, La Paz, Los Cabos and other Baja cities. These Baja hotels are very convenient to stay in because they are in close proximity to many recreational facilities such as malls, restaurants, museums, and nightclubs. They are also very close to transportation facilities such as airports, marinas, ferry services and harbors.

Majority of the hotels and lodging accommodations in the beautiful peninsula of Baja California however, can be found near the entire length of Baja’s beaches and shores. The peninsula of Baja California is fortunately blessed with an expansive length of shoreline because the peninsula is located between two large bodies of water. To the west of Baja is the blue-green vastness of the Pacific Ocean, and to its east is the biologically diverse waters of the Sea of Cortez ( locally called Mar de Cortes). Countless hotels, motels, inns, lodges, and villas are located along the shores or near the beaches of Baja California. Here, hotel guests will be treated to a 24-hour view of the beaches and shores of Baja California.

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