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Hostels in Baja

Baja California has always been a favorite destination of backpackers and travelers. It is also a queer place because there are plenty of people who work in Baja, especially in the place near the international border such as Tijuana and Mexicali, who are not actually Mexican citizens. These people commute from San Diego work in Baja. Thus, the existence of the few hostels in Baja prove very beneficial for backpackers, travelers and commuters.

Many people upon hearing the word hostel imagine an inn, a small hotel or a motel of some sorts. However, the concept of a hostel is a little different compared to the hotels, inns and motels which we are familiar with. A hostel is actually more like a dormitory rather than a hotel or an inn although all these places do provide lodgings and accommodate guests.

The traditional concept of hostel entails the proprietor of the place to rent beds to their guests. In a single hostel room for example, maybe two or more guests who do not know each other will have their own separated beds but will share the bathroom, kitchenette and lounging area of the room. Bunk beds were usually the type of beds used by hostels in the past so that they can maximize the space in the rooms. However, there are also several hostels nowadays that rent private rooms to clients who require additional privacy.

For backpackers and travelers who are constantly moving from one place to the other and who do not have plenty of money with them, Baja hostels are more than a little advantageous. Hostels are actually less expensive to run compared to motels and hotels because they have more guests than they do rooms so that they demand lower overnight rates. Thus, travelers will save a great deal of money by staying in a Baja hostel rather than in a resort hotel or a motel.

Even commuters or vacationers who are too tired or finds it too late in the night to commute or drive home can rent bed spaces in a hostel in Baja California so that they need not force themselves to travel if they can help it. Some vacationers and tourists who are just passing by a certain city or town in Baja and suddenly gets delayed to proceed to their destinations due to reasons such as car problems or weather problems can benefit greatly if there is a hostel near where they are that they can spend the night in for a very minimal cost.

Another benefit that Baja travelers and backpackers may experience while staying in a hostel in Baja is the amount of travel tips and information hostel staff members have and very readily give to those who need it. Many hostels in Baja also sell maps and travel guides or else has a small library that filled with these informative materials that Baja travelers are sure to need. And since most of the other guests at Baja hostels are backpackers and travelers, guests usually find themselves exchanging travel stories and tips to their fellow hostel guests so that a warm and helpful little community seems to exist in every hostel in Baja California.

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