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Horseback Riding on the Beach

by John Ross Ho

I cannot possibly imagine any scene more commonly linked with romance and love than a horse ride along the beach. I mean how many romantic movies and television shows have been made and popularized in the past that did not take advantage of this common connotation with beaches, sunsets and horse rides? And since I am fully aware of the fact that a romantic vacation means that my girlfriend would expect me to do at least one romantic act to show my complete and utter devotion to her, I decided that I cannot possibly go wrong with a horseback ride along the beaches of Baja California.

For our one year anniversary, my girlfriend and I planned a week long vacation in Los Cabos, Baja California. Since the place had so many beaches, all of them beautiful in their own unique ways, it seemed a shame if we didn’t spend a great deal of time there. Swimming, snorkeling, sun bathing, surfing and parasailing were our favorite seaside activities while staying in Baja. When not in our hotel, we usually ate in whatever interesting restaurant in Los Cabos that we happen to come across with.

Throughout all these activities however, I could sense that my girlfriend Sarah was expecting that I do something romantic for her just to emphasize the fact that this is not just any other vacation but the one year celebration of our relationship. Not wanting to disappoint her, i arranged for a horseback riding tour along the beach.

I got the idea while we were parasailing one afternoon when I saw a couple of horses slowly paddling their way across the beach. It seemed to me like something Sarah would imagine since I know her to be a great fan of chick flicks in general. I inquired at the hotel’s front desk the moment we got to our hotel whether they know of horse rentals or tours anywhere nearby. The concierge informed me that Los Cabos was actually a very popular destination for honeymooners and couples which is why there were plenty of available horseback riding tours in the area. He kindly booked us a 2 hour horse ride tour and promised to relay to me (secretly of course) further details afterwards.

On the day of the horseback tour, I told Sarah we were going on a scheduled tour of Old Spanish missions later in the afternoon. The tour guide met us at the lobby around four in the afternoon and showed us the horses harnessed outside. Getting up and learning to stir the horses was pretty easy after the tour guide showed us how. I then told Sarah it was not a tour of old missions but a horse ride along the beach and I have to say that my effort at arranging and paying for the tour (although it wasn’t such a complicated thing to arrange and it also did not cost less) was more than worth it after seeing the happy look on her face then.

First, we went along a path line with palm trees. Hearing the lap of the waves on the beach, the gentle swaying of the palm trees and the sound of seagulls was very relaxing indeed. We also passed little ranches near the beach where we saw little noisy quails and impressive wild horses running around freely. After which, the tour guide brought us to an area near the beach where there were trees, cacti, flowers and bushes of all shapes and sizes. There was color everywhere and the air wash heavily laden with the smell of leaves, salty water and flowers.

It was a very hot and tiring activity but thankfully, the tour included several bottles of mineral water to replenish our bodies during the trip. I also brought along a little basket of sandwiches and fruits (I actually paid the hotel to prepare this for me) which we shared with our very friendly tour guide. The tour guide was one of those people blessed with a cheerful and amiable disposition even when he seemed really tired.

From arranging the tour to the actually horseback riding on the beach, everything went smoothly and great. My girlfriend was very happy and thankful to me and I was very thankful to everyone in Baja who helped me with my romantic horse ride scheme.

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