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Honeymoon in Baja

By Roxanne Jardolin

It has almost been two year since I was wed to my fiancé of five years in Los Angeles, California. The wedding itself was kept quite simple with no fuss and hoopla at all. There was no carriage to bring me to church, no big fluffy wedding dress with a long train, no large expensive arrangements of exotic flowers, no ten piece band playing during the reception. Only family members and close friends were invited to the intimate affair and the reception that followed.

When asked why we opted for such a simple wedding, we would always reply that we were too busy to arrange a lavish and complicated wedding but in reality, it was because we had very little money at the time. Sad to say, when we drove off at the end of the reception, we did not head to a port where a cruise i waiting for us or to the airport where a plane awaits to jet us off to another country. We just spent a weekend in a hotel in Las Vegas where we gambled and saw the sights.

We did not find the simplicity of the wedding or of the honeymoon quite so depressing. However, I had no idea that my husband wanted me to have a wonderful and unforgettable experience during our honeymoon. I was then surprised when he told me one month ago that he has booked the two of us a trip to Baja California so that we can re-do our honeymoon. He had been saving up for this trip for a log time now and I loved him all the more for the thoughtfulness and effort he showed me by organizing this second honeymoon.

It has been a week now since we got back from Baja California in Mexico but I still have that healthy summer glow on my skin that I got from so much time in the beaches of Baja California. We were in Baja for more than two weeks, where we stayed in a luxurious and amazing hotel during our stay. The suite which we stayed in was in a junior suite at the Westin Resort and Spa in Los Cabos. The suite was very spacious and grandly decorated. The carpeting was lush and soft enough to lie down on, and areas that are not carpeted feature marble and dark wood floors. I loved the oceanfront terrace of the suite where we sipped wine occasionally while enjoying the fresh breeze. I also liked that the bathroom has double sinks and twin showers so that we could shower together without getting in each others way. There were also candles everywhere and a cozy fireplace with gave off a very cozy and romantic atmosphere to the room.

The hotel also had a pool, jacuzzi, golf course and a spa, all of which we tried at one point or another during our stay. We also went shopping in the nearby bazaars and markets, as well as dine out whenever we can in restaurants that we thought were interesting to eat in. Twice we went to explore Los Cabos nightlife, however, the noisy and crowded bars and beach clubs full of loud, happy people made us realize we wanted to spend time by ourselves so we just stayed in our hotel suite to enjoy each other’s company.

My favorite place in Baja however was the Playa del Amor. Playa del Amor or Lover’s Beach is an overwhelmingly beautiful beach located in Cabo San Lucas in Los Cabos. I don’t think I can fully relate just how magnificent this beach is. The sand was powdery fine with a golden white color. There were large masses of white rocks and boulders surrounding the beach giving the beach a sense of privacy that many wide open beaches do not have. The water was cool and crystal clear and the water seemed turquoise near the beach and a deep blue farther out to sea. Once, why my husband and I were swimming there, we were surprised to find that a dolphin had come to swim with us for a couple of minutes. We also spent lots of hours sunbathing and whale watching at the Playa del Amor.

It was a very refreshing and extremely romantic honeymoon and I am extremely hoping that my husband would plan a third one.

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