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Good seafood in Bahia Asuncion

Mexican food is known for its richness in flavor, its variety in textures, its vividness in colors, and its exuberance in flavors. Thus, it is not surprising to find that many people of all ages, gender and nationality are hooked on different delectable dishes and treats whose recipes can be credited to Mexican cuisine creativity. But if you are looking for authentic Mexican cuisine goodness made from tried and tested recipes created by Mexicans themselves, then surely there is no other place to go hunting for dishes such as these than in that country itself. And Mexico has some pretty amazing cities and towns with restaurants that would appease the Mexican food carvings of just about everyone.

Although large cities such as Ensenada and Mexico City reel in tourists and vacationers by the thousands because of the sheer number of restaurants these cities are home to, there are actually several wonderful and small towns in Mexico that offer unique and authentic Mexican cuisine although they are not as well known. And without the slightest trace of doubt, the small fishing town of Bahía Asunción is one of these well-hidden dining secrets.

Being a town whose main industry for several decades is fishing, clearly Baja California’s Bahía Asunción is the perfect place to visit if you are craving for Mexican seafood dishes. Salads, grills, soups, sandwiches, main entrées and even desserts that feature all sorts of seafood ingredients about in Bahía Asunción restaurants. From rosy and fleshy lobsters, dewy fresh seaweeds, watery sea cucumbers, large squids, lean-fleshed tunas, sumptuous shrimps, fresh oysters, and numerous other seafoods, Bahía Asunción restaurants have them all and serve them in many different Mexican dishes.

If you are looking for something easy and fun to eat, fish tacos and seafood burritos would fill you right up and can be bought in almost any small or medium-size Bahía Asunción restaurant or food stall. If you want something more special and filling, then try ordering Caldo de Camaron (a kind of shrimp soup), grilled Charales (a flavorful small fish), Tuna Empanadas and Pulpo (octopus) are popular menu items you might love to try.

Aside from Mexican dishes however, Bahía Asunción also has other kinds of restaurants that serve different international cuisines. Tourists and vacationers can also find Bahía Asunción restaurants that feature American, French, Japanese, Spanish and Chinese cuisines. These Bahía Asunción restaurants can range from casual fast food restaurants, medium priced restaurants, and fine dining restaurants. Aside from seafood, they are also known to use ingredients that are popular in the region such as cactus, avocado, pineapples, peppers, cheese, corn tortilla and chocolate.

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