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Golfing in Loreto Baja California Sur

The small Mexican municipality of Loreto can be found on the southeastern portion of the Baja California Peninsula, or on the middle eastern portion of Baja California Sur. Unlike the tourist-crowded municipalities of Los Cabos and La Paz that have become resort towns, Loreto is relatively less congested with tourists and vacationers. Small town Loreto is known for its distinctly Mexican quaintness and its relaxing tropical atmosphere, making it a perfect place for what many consider as the most relaxing and slow-paced physical sport–golf.

Golf is the quintessential essence of class, leisure and relaxation. Of all the known sports in the planet, golf has always been considered as a sophisticated enjoyment for those with refined tastes. Golf is commonly pictured as being played by rich bankers and businessmen in plaid shorts, polo shirts and visors during weekends in exclusive sports clubs. Although many of these popular connotations about golf and golf enthusiasts might be true, golf in Loreto is more than just an exclusive sport for the opulent.

At the moment, the Nopolo Sport Center’s golf course is the primary golf destination in Loreto, Baja California Sur. The Nopolo golf facilities offers a challenging 18-hole championship golf course that will instantly take your breath away. The golf course gently slopes and twists along the glistening coast of the turquoise blue Sea of Cortez, the cactus-bloom carpeted deserts of Loreto, and the intimidating behemothic expanse of the Sierra de la Giganta mountain ranges.

Somewhere in the expansive greens of Loreto’s Nopolo golfing range are two man-made lakes and several sand dunes and sand traps which improve the range’s over-all appearance as well as provide additional golfing challenges for the players. World renowned architects Pedro Guereca and Mario Shjetman Danton are the two geniuses responsible for the golf course’s lay-out and design.

Aside from the harmoniously incorporated natural environments of Loreto, Nipolo Sports Center’s golf facilities also includes large, functional shower and locker facilities for men and women, a golfing equipment and clothing shop, and club restaurant, bar and lounge area.

A new golf course recently opened is the Costa Loreto Golf Club. Just 5 miles south of Loreto’s town proper, this 177-acres vast facility features an 18-hole championship course that runs through coastal and desert environments. Aside from the scenic and contrasting backdrop of the Sierra de la Giganta and the Sea of Cortez, Costa Loreto’s golf course also has three man-made lakes as well as an enhanced golfing ground designed especially to challenge golf enthusiasts.

At the moment, there are more golf courses intended to be built in Loreto, Baja California Sur. Because of Loreto’s peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, as well as its perfect, year-round climate, this small Mexican municipality is bound to be a golfing hot spot soon enough.

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