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Golfing in Baja

Baja California Peninsula extends some 775 miles from Mexacali in the north to Cabo San Lucas to the south. Baja California is nestled between the majestic Pacific Ocean and the azure water of the Sea of Cortes. It has also one of the most unique and diverse geographical landscapes in the world. Baja California Peninsula is the home of the most rustic deserts, lush mountainous regions, and miles of miles of immaculate beaches and coastlines.

Baja California is the ultimate swinger’s paradise. It has many celebrated golf courses such as the El Dorado Golf Course (Los Cabos), Club Campestre (Tijuana), Real del Mar (Ensenada), and Fonatur Golf Course (Loreto) to name a few.

These outstanding golf courses of the Baja have been the location of prestigious golfing tournaments and championships. The PGA Senior Slam Tournaments have been constantly held in these courses. They have also been reputed for their unique fairways, dogleg, water and bunker challenges. Furthermore, the scenic view of the desert landscapes, azure waters of the Pacific and the Sea of Cortes adds to this unique golfing experience. Only in the golf courses of Baja can one golf while observing the whales as they pass the Mexican Sea and Alaska between the months of December through May.

Jack Nicklaus, Greg Norman and Robert Trent Jones Jr. are just some of the designers of these golf courses. Moreover, each individual golf resort has excellent facilities like fitness center, shopping boutiques, restaurants and even spas accessible to their customers.

It wouldn’t really matter whether you are an amateurs or professional golfer. Because in Baja, golfers of varying levels can choose on the course they want. For the serious golfers, there are courses which offer large sand traps, lakes, and plenty of roughs. For the amateur ones, there are golf courses with closer tees, shorter play and wider fairways.

For those with a limited budget, there are resorts like the Villas de Cortez Golf Course which features holes that ranges from 55 yards to 155 yards, together with several sand traps and water hazards at a very affordable price of US$20 for nine holes.

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