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Go shopping to Tijuana

There’s no place like the legendary Tijuana when it comes to shopping. There are several districts and places the dedicated shopaholic could visit, but the most popular (and with good reason) place of the lot would have to be the famous Avenida Revolucion.

Avenida Revolucion could qualify as the busiest shopping street this side of the Rio Grande, rivaling those of the Hong Kong Ladies’ Market, and the plentiful Bangkok shopping districts. Rows upon chains upon square blocks of merchants selling blankets, handcrafts, clothes, curtains, shoes, tablecloths, toys, bags, accessories, lamps, novelty items await the shopping addict in this town. Truly, wallets will weep and bleed dry, and shoppers will be laden with more than enough bags that they can carry. Haggling is a trusty shopping skill that is useful– even required when hunting bargain items, as you may save (or buy) a lot more, if you can haggle down the prices. Expert bargainers could purchase items into 2/3 the price, and even half, if they’re lucky.

The place is sprawling, and it is very easy to get lost. Approximately, the whole place is said to measure up to 8 blocks worth of assorted merchandise. There’s a new shop at every corner, and new items being advertised for sale at every turn. The most hardcore shopaholics will be hard-pressed to explore every nook and cranny in one day, considering the amount of shopping they may do. Granted, there aren’t only arranged shops in this area, but all nooks and crannies have peddlers and merchants selling their wares, for that wandering shopper.

Food establishments and sidewalk eateries are scattered throughout these 8 blocks, to accommodate those shoppers rendered famished from several hours worth of walking and buying.

Avenido Revolucion’s best sellers are the native Mexican handicrafts– silver, leather, jewelry, paper machie, handcrafted furniture, stained glass, and many more. There are also plenty of tobacco shops, flower shops, liquor stores, and pharmacies. Non-Mexican wares include various collectibles and imports around the world, including cosmetics and perfumes from Europe. Or if you’d like to visit a shopping mall, head on over to the Zona Rio.

Getting to this fabulous place requires you only to take the San Diego trolley to the border and walk towards Tijuana, joining the throngs of international visitors going there everyday. More likely than not, they’re also headed to Avenida Revolucion, so tag along and enter a one-day shopping extravaganza to be remembered.

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