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Go shopping in Rosarito

Shopping is one of the customary activities when you visit Rosarito. Benito Juarez Boulevard, the city’s main street, has an array of shops and specialty stores that offer a wide variety of goods, from artworks to apparel. Here you can find handcrafted Mexican furniture, silver, pottery, ponchos, jackets, leather, liquor, cheap medicines, and a lot more.

The shopping area along the Rosarito Beach Hotel passage is one of the first buildings in the city. It has several art galleries, Internet cafes, and department stores which sell popular product brands. The Plaza Pueblo shopping center houses a spa, an arts and crafts shop, a cigar shop, a furniture shop, and a leather coat and jacket workshop.

For more arts and crafts products, visit the art and craft market along the main street. It has more than 200 shops that sell jewelry, arts and crafts, rock art, leather, and bone artifacts. The practice here is to haggle with the vendors for the price of an item so better practice your bargaining skills now so that you can get the best prices for your buys.

The Art and Craft Corridor in Rosarito’s manufacturing zone features an extensive collection of original Mexican furniture, iron works, arts and crafts, hand-crafted wood pieces, vases, marble, mosaic, and other decorative objects. This area started to develop in the 1970s with the establishment of of a furniture shop called Casa La Carreta. It was eventually joined by other shops such as Los Rios interior decoration shop, Casa Valerio, Marble Collection, Torre Iron, and Martinez Inc.

Tequila, and booze in general, are also common tourist buys in Mexico. If you want to save a dollar or two on your purchase, stay off the tourist strips and buy your bottle of tequila at an ordinary liquor store or the supermarket. Marco del Mar, a small market located south of the city at kilometer 29.5 on the Old Road, offers the most exotic selection of liquor that you won’t find anywhere else. There are at least 50 tequila brands, different Baja wines, aged mescals, and even Cuban rums that cannot be purchased in the United States.

If you’re looking for something to satisfy your craving for sweets, you can check out Dulceria Ayala, the city’s most popular candy store. The store offers authentic Mexican candy, milk chocolates, caramels, glorias, jamoncillos, mazapanes, tamarinds, an assortment of cheeses, dry fruits, chiles, and other Mexican spices.

There are a lot of pharmacies in Rosarito that sell cheap drugs. A birth-control pill, for instance, that costs US$25 in the US for a month’s supply can be bought for US$14 in Mexico. The drugstores closest to the tourist spots have more stocks of the pharmaceutical supplies that travelers often buy but they also charge a higher price. For better bargains, you can try buying your medicines at pharmacies two blocks away from the tourist centers.

Be aware though of the border rules when taking your shopping loot back to the US. Tourists can bring up to US$400 worth of goods free of customs duties and up to one liter of alcohol. Mexican arts and crafts are duty-free and won’t be included in the US$400 limit. Up to a 90-day worth of medication supplies are allowed.

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