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Get Hitched Across the Border

Beach weddings have always piqued my interest because of the relaxing casual setting and the outdoorsy vibe that they are known for. Wearing your gown and walking bare foot on fine sand with the gorgeous backdrop of the crashing waves and the pristine beach is something that has always attracted me. So when my fiancé of over four years finally popped the question, I already had an idea of where to host our wedding even before I said yes.

It was not at all difficult to convince him that a beach wedding would be the best way to do it because he was happy as long as we do get married. The biggest question we faced however, was zeroing in on a specific location to host the event. Both of us live and work in Oklahoma City, USA and we couldn’t find a beach in that area for us to host the wedding in. We set our sights to farther beaches however, and finally decided that a wedding and a honeymoon spent in beautiful Los Cabos, Baja California in Mexico would be the perfect start to a lifetime together.

Both of us have been to Los Cabos before although we didn’t go together and we went for different reasons. I use to go there during spring break when I was still in college while he went to Los Cabos just a year ago for a business conference. Both of us have good remembrances of that place and agreed that it was perfect not just because it is somewhat near but because of the fact that the place is also magnificently beautiful and the available activities are limitless.

We were advised straight away that getting a wedding planner/coordinator would be the best option since we were not living in Baja California at the time. And so we did, and she is turning out to be a very valuable friend and helper to us. Without her help for instance, we wouldn’t know the documents necessary for us to get married legally in Baja and she was also the one who processed most of the papers herself so we wouldn’t have to keep on coming and going from Baja.

Some of these documents which we had to have validated in the Mexican consulate included our current passports, tourists cards/visa, and certified copy of both our birth certificates. A health certificate, blood tests, and four witnesses were also necessary and the wedding planner scheduled us for medical tests and arranged for the witnesses.

Since I was also divorced from my first husband, I also had to provide a certified copy of our final divorce decree. They had a rule that a minimum of one entire year should pass after a divorce or death of spouse for one to get married again in Mexico and we were able to comply with this as my divorce happened more than 5 years ago.

The hotel we booked for the wedding and honeymoon was also very helpful and they continue to aid us with the planning at this moment. With all these help and support, both of us think that a wonderful and stress-free wedding in Baja California something everyone can hope for. I’ll keep you posted when the awaited event finally comes and maybe a sequel to this travelogue may follow along with more pictures. But right now, its back to more planning and booking for us!

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