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There are only a very few places in the entire planet that can offer as enjoyable and unique a fishing experience as the peninsula of Baja California in Mexico. The Baja California Peninsula is located just south of San Diego, California however, the contrast between San Diego’s desert dunes and hot cities is so distinct from Baja California’s coastal, seaside environment that the two places seem worlds apart.

Most of the pioneering communities that existed in the peninsula of Baja California centuries ago founded their livelihood on the coast and seaside. This is because Baja California is found between two very bountiful and biologically diverse bodies of water. On the western shores of Baja California lies the expansive blue vastness that is the Pacific Ocean. The Mar de Cortes, Sea or Cortez or Gulf California on the other hand, is found on the eastern side of the Baja peninsula. These two very distinct bodies of water surrounding the peninsula eventually meet at the southern tip of Baja California.

It is common knowledge that the Pacific Ocean is almost as abundant as it is large. And the Sea of Cortez is considered by many as the most biologically diverse water form in the planet. With two such bountiful bodies of water found on either side of the peninsula, it comes as no surprise that fishing is a major industry in Baja California since the first founding of its towns up until the present times. But due to the tourist appeal that Baja California has developed over the decades, the Baja fishing industry has made a turn from being a very fruitful livelihood into an enjoyable fishing sport.

Thousands of tourists, vacationers and travelers coming from all over the globe visit different places in Baja California in order to experience its world-renowned fishing and sport fishing activities. Ensenada, La Paz, Los Cabos and Loreto are just a couple of municipalities in Baja California that are flocked year round by fishing enthusiasts because of their beautiful beaches and diverse marine life.

Fishing enthusiasts will be delighted to know that Baja fishing seems to be quite exciting and alive all year round since there are several different game fishes that thrive in the waters of the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez at different times of the year. When talking about the weather, Baja California’s Mediterranean climate ensures that the forecast 300 days ever year is bright and sunny. Even during winter, Baja California fishing is still very appealing because Baja winters are usually characterized by mild rain fall and cool, breezy days and nights.

The species of Baja game fishes are as many as they are varied. Several kinds of marlin, swordfishes, sail fishes, amberjacks and groupers can be found in shallow and deep waters in Baja. The size of the game fishes are also very impressive. You can find and catch everything from 6-feet dorados to 300-pound yellowfin tunas.

So the next time you feel like engaging in a wonderful fishing adventure, bring your passport and a valid Mexican fishing license and come down to Baja California where fishing is never a boring activity!

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