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Fishing in Todos Santos Baja California Sur

Todos Santos is an excellent fishing destination. It provides serious and “real” fishing experience. Moreover, Todos Santos’ azure waters are not over fished, so people can be assured of a fine catch. There are about thousands of species of fish in these waters and the most popular of which include dorado, yellowtail, wahoo, roosterfish, sailfish, swordfish, yellowfin tuna and trouser troat.

Pangas abound in Todos Santos’ beaches. It is usually the boat used in fishing within these waters. Compared too with other fishing areas, Todos Santos is not quite that established. It has minimal modern facilities. Nevertheless, anglers and fishing- enthusiasts still got to Todos Santos to get a feel of its authentic fishing escapades.

Since Todos Santos is not bombarded with sport fishers, anglers are assured of a good catch. For those who want to experience this kind of activity, there is already Todos Santos fishing packages available for them. Such package cost about $200-$300, including transportation to the fishing area, gear, bait, captain and crew.

These fishing excursions leave at dawn and last for the whole day. Those who are interested in experiencing this adventure should first fix their fishing documents. These documents are needed by individuals to be able to do in-boat fishing/ angling or skin-dive fishing expeditions. These papers are then submitted to the Mexico Advisory Services to be processed. Consequently, fishing licenses which last for one year for non-locals are then distributed.

After a person has received his license, he may fish unrestrictedly provided that they act responsibly. Keeping in mind that Todos Santos is an oasis surrounded by environment reservation areas.

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