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Fishing in Tijuana and the Coronado Islands

Compared to other cities such as Puerto Vallerta, or Los Cabos, Tijuana doesn’t compare much in terms of the fishing scene. Tijuana is more of a business and shopping destination for tourists crossing the border, and while it is an ocean side city, its beaches and water activities aren’t as stellar compared to its other neighbors, although it still puts up a good experience.

Perhaps one of the fishing places Tijuana can boast of is the Coronado Islands. Coronado Islands is a beautiful, activity-filled place, which houses plenty of vacation rental spots and other water sports activities. The fishing in these parts is usually booked through fishing companies in the United States, although there are also Mexican reservations to be found. These companies include Cortez Yacht Charters, Fisherman’s Landing, H&M landing, all situated in San Diego, California. These companies offer fishing packages, boat and vessel rentals for fishing, and sports fishing charters to the Mexican Islands and waters.

For those who want a simple fishing trip along Tijuana’s off-shore waters, go to Wahoo, where a considerable amount of fish can be caught. These fish include lings, reds, bonitas, sharks, and even the occasional sunfish. One day of perseverance and 4 other people can get you up to 500 pounds so, you might as well grab some buddies to get into the chase.

Fishing licenses are required for those who want to engage in sports fishing, however, though these can be quite easily obtained from the local authorities or to be more specific, the state tourism offices. Requirements for these licenses are pretty much standard: a valid photo id, and for boat licenses, one also needs to present a valid boat registration certificate. These certificates may be purchased individually or by group. Ideally, it is wise to purchase a year long license, as it only costs 4 times the price of a one-day fishing license, unless the fisher intends not to come back within a year (which is unlikely).

Overall, while Tijuana isn’t exactly the ost sought-after fishing spot in Mexico, it does offer its fair share of fishing opportunities, and is definitely worth a look.

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