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Fishing in Mulege Baja California Sur

Fishing is a premium activity in almost all coastal communities in the peninsula of Baja California. La Paz and Loreto for instance, receive tens of thousands of tourists and fishing enthusiasts every year, all of which are ecstatic about the wonderful fishing experience they have heard so much about from magazines, shows, the Internet and word of mouth. The small coastal town of Mulege in Baja California is one of these many fishing sites found in the Baja Peninsula.

Situated at the eastern side of the Baja Peninsula where it comes into contact with the bountiful Sea of Cortez, it is no surprise to find out that fishing has always been a major industry in this small coastal Baja town. The Sea of Cortez is known among the local population as Mar de Cortez and is also called the Gulf of California. This large body of water is considered by most as the most ecologically-diverse body of water in the entire planet. Thus, like Mulege, the towns and communities who find themselves bordering this bountiful sea instantly become great fishing locations.

Mulege offers good fishing whether you are hunting for local reef fishes or migratory species. The leopard grouper, also called a cabrilla, is a highly valued fishing catch that dominates the reefs and waters of Mulege. Along with it is the yellowtail, both of which thrive in the water all year round but especially during winter season. Other great fishing catches in Mulege include the dorado, yellowfin tuna, barracuda, ladyfish, billfish and different species of snappers. These fishes crowd the waters of Mulege during the peak season which is summer time.

Medium size catches predominate the fishing scene of Mulege, especially in reefs found closer to the bay and shores. If you enjoy catching large fishes though, you can venture out just a few miles in the Sea of Cortez to land yourself plenty of large fishes.

There are also some mangrove lined waters in Mulege where you can catch large, powerful fishes like the black snook. This area in Mulege where mangroves thrive along murky water is said to be the home of thousands of the largest snooks in the planet. These fishes however, are hard to overcome with just a net and spear, and even harder with a rod and line. Many serious sports fishers opt to rent harpoons in order to catch these powerful fishes of Mulege.

Because of the great Mediterranean weather in Baja, fishing in Mulege becomes a very easy, safe and inexpensive recreational activity. Whether you are in a small boat or a large yacht, you can enjoy a smooth and safe trip since Mulege enjoys 300 days of sunny weather and even in winter, mild rain fall is the worst that you can experience out at sea.

What is great about Mulege fishing is that the area has good, long peak seasons, longer in fact than most fishing areas around the peninsula of Baja California. Thus, fishing enthusiasts and tourists can be certain to experience great fishing trips in Mulege anytime of the year.

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