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Festivals around Baja

The colorful, sun-filled lands of Mexico is known all over the world because of its numerous and lively fiestas and festivals. The peninsula of Baja California in Mexico which is located at the immediate south of San Diego, California in the United States enjoys millions of tourists and vacations every year because of the attraction that Baja California festivals have over Americans and other nationalities. Tourists from all over the globe travel by air, sea or land to Baja California all throughout the year to get together with the locals and experience Baja culture through its many festival celebrations.

There are several different kinds of festivals in Baja California. Some are celebrated within certain cities, neighborhoods, towns or municipalities, while others are shared by people from all over the peninsula or even the entire Mexican country.

The Ensenada International Festival which is held on the 29th of May every year is a festival celebrated in order to commemorate the founding of this city way back in the year 1882. As expected, the descendants of the founding families of the city are part of the festival. The Ensenada City founding families and individuals however, are not all pure blooded Mexicans. Others are of Spanish or Russian descent, and all these families are represented in the time-honored festival tradition.

Another festival in the Baja California peninsula is the Cabo San Lucas Festival which happens on the month of October every year. This local Baja festival however differs from the one held in Ensenada because the festival is done in order to celebrate the town’s patron saint. The activities that take place during this festival involves sports, dances, musical performances, carnivals and other outlets of public revelry. In its neighboring city of San Jose del Cabo, March of every year witnesses the Festival of San Jose which is a celebration of the community’s patron saint.

Religion is another cultural that is well celebrated in Baja California as is in the entire country of Mexico, most specifically Christianity since a large percentage of the populace in Baja are Roman Catholic. One such religious festival in Baja is called the Dia de Nuestra Señora. This Baja festival is celebrated in the municiaplity of Loreto every 8th of September as a commemoration of the very first mission (religious mission as is done by missionaries) in the entire Baja peninsula. Other interesting religious festivals in Baja California is the Feast Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe (December 11-12 every year) and the Day of the Dead Festival (November 1-2 every year).

Local culture is also very much celebrated in Baja California through its festivals and fiestas. There is the gatronomic festival called Rhythms, Colors and Flavors which occurs in San Jose Del Cabo during the month of December. True to its name, the festival is a perfect combination of colorful banderitas, amusing mariachi bands, and platters and platters of delicious local cuisine. Another culturally enriching festival that locals and tourists would love to participate in is the Todos Santos Art Festival which is celebrated every February. This is the perfect time for local artists to showcase their talents and works in museums, galleries and even in street galleries.

Nature’s blessings and beauty is another cause of festivities and celebration in Baja California, an example is the Whale Watching Festivals in La Paz and Los Cabos which is done in order to celebrate the coming of migratory whales. There are also plenty of sports related festivals such as the Rosarito-Ensenada bike festival during the month of September.

Baja California festivals are done in order to give thanks for blessing received, in order to remember places, people and events that came to pass, and in order to promote a sense of community among everyone in the peninsula.

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