One of my favorite things about travelling, and travelling to Baja California specifically, is the opportunity for self-discovery. By this I mean both the sense of being the first person to explore a land, while simultaneously getting to know yourself better. The Baja not only offers endless trails that cater to the explorer in each of us, it is also a haven for introspection.

Be careful what you wish for. Here, no matter who you bring with you, you can’t avoid hearing yourself think. And, for some of us, it’s scary how long it’s been since the last time we had such an experience. In fact, for some this silence may not be a welcomed event. Thoughts elsewhere are easy enough to distract out of existence but such is not an easy task here. Among others, one can’t help but to notice, amidst the pristine expanse, the high toll our predecessors’ have taken. Fortunately we now have the opportunity to act and there’s no better catalyst for an action than a thought.

While it’s easy to get excited about the romance and mystery that surrounds Baja, certainly home to some of the most striking scenes in the world, it’s also  a region of conflict. We hope to debunk many of the myths that surround Baja travel and make Baja more user friendly… for Baja-friendly users This by no means is meant to imply our intent is to simply steer readers to their ultra-comfort zone, negating the very essence of what Baja offers. Quite to the contrary, we intend to offer a gentle prod towards some of the little explored regions that are among the most rewarding in Baja. Such stretching, done responsibly, will help people understand and appreciate what makes the area unique while simultaneously fueling the passion we share to preserve these treasures. We intend to facilitate this with the support of our peers in Baja and through the voices of those who cherish Baja and have been to these places before so many times, as no travel can enlighten like that accompanied by a local lens.

Here at we admit we have what some call big hairy audacious goals. We are committed to improving the Baja experience and yet recognize in many ways it’s perfect the way it is (or, in limited cases, was). We intend to cater to those who are committed to tread lightly. Yet we admittedly want to share the Baja experience to more people and this creates our conflict. Yes, we too recognize much of our apparent hypocracy at the get-go. After all, most need an engine to get here (not a requirement mind you). And yet Baja is  a vast land and can support more travel — if done responsibly. The most ambitious element of our mission is the hope that we can utilize our small channel as but one tool to recruit responsible travelers, that these individuals will call out and support responsible businesses and the success of these forward looking businesses will improve the region as a whole, providing education and jobs one local community at a time.

This is just the beginning. I hope you enjoy your journey as much as I do mine every day. I am looking forward to sharing the path.

The tree of silence bears the fruit of peace.  – Arab proverb.