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Ensenada’s New Wine & Seafood Festival: This Year’s Event was a Memorable Extravaganza

Ensenada’s New Wine & Seafood Festival:  This year’s event was a great kick-off to the wine season!


Conchas y Vino 2013

Ensenada’s New Wine & Seafood Festival coordinated by Provino was the kick-off to the wine season.

Over the past 15 years, the greater Ensenada area has distinguished itself as a haven for both seafood gourmets and lovers of fine wines.  In fact, it has garnered so much attention in this regard that heavy hitters like the Travel Channel’s Anthony Bourdain, prominent restaurateur and television chef, Rick Bayless and even Food & Wine writers for the New York Times have begun to take notice.

Of course, many are familiar with the yearly Fiestas de la Vendimia, which takes place in late summer focuses primarily on the wonderful wines produced in the valleys of Guadalupe and San Antonio de las Minas.  Nonetheless another prominent wine event, put on by Provino which sponsors the official Fiestas del la Vendimia event, is the annual Conchas y Vino (New Wine & Seafood) festival that is usually held in late April.  This program goes one step further by celebrating the pairing of young local wines with a selection of some of the delightfully fresh shellfish that is grown or harvested in the region.

Commercial fishing has always been a staple of Ensenada’s economy; but more recently, viable aquaculture operations have begun to emerge along the Pacific coast of Baja Norte that have become a major resource for markets on both side of the border.  Just to the south, the waters of Bahia San Quintin have even been certified by the USDA as being fit for shellfish production.  These days a wide variety of seafood favorites, including various clams, mussels, oysters and even abalone are grown in this rich, natural environment.


Concha y Vino 12     Concha y Vino 6

The popular event is held bayside, adjacent to the well appointed Hotel Coral & Marina, and draws a host of both local and visiting attendees that revel in sampling an ongoing assortment of often exotic seafood preparations washed down with sips of wine produced by numerous nearby vineyards.  


Concha y Vino 10    Concha y Vino 4    Concha y Vino 9

One of the nicer aspects of having rows of individual restaurants, wineries and seafood operations available for perusal is having the rare opportunity to actually chat directly with the very people who produce and work intimately with all of the products being sampled during the festival


Concha y Vino 1    Concha y Vino 5    Concha y Vino 3

Needless to say, an ambitious event of this nature requires an incredible amount of work and planning by both organizers and vendors; but the end result of introducing or reacquainting those who attend the festival with the plethora of great wines, foods and restaurants that are available in the Ensenada area on a year round basis is certainly well worth the effort.

Ensenada’s New Wine & Seafood Festival is the first of many events that will be occurring in this region.  Find out where to stay in Ensenada, when you visit!

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  1. Janene Caracaus says:

    Very nice writing once again Tom. I enjoy your exuberant and enthusiastic style of writing. Very nice article!!

  2. Danielle Williams says:

    Am counting the days till next year’s festival. One of the greatest events around here. The “ice breaker” evening was over the top. Never were so many excellent wines gathered in one place. The shellfish was delicious, including the seldom seen “erizo/sea urchin” preparation.

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