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Ensenada Whale Watching Season Soon

From the end of December 2007 until late in April the following year, expect to find several whale watching tours being offered all over the municipio of Ensenada and along Todos Santos Bay in Rosarito. Although whales can be found almost all throughout the year along the waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez, it is mostly during this season when a large number of migrating whales are found around the waters of the Baja California peninsula.

Due to the cold waters that the winter season of December until March brings, large colonies of gray whales and even humpback whales migrate from the waters of the Artic and come through the coastline of Ensenada. These gentle behemoths are most numerous from December until late in April and can be seen in La Paz, Ensenada and even in Rosarito way north of the peninsula.

Whale watching tours held all around the coastline of Ensenada may even take you near enough these gentle giants so that you can actually reach out and touch their rubbery skins. There are also several diving tours that can will give you the once in a lifetime opportunity of swimming along side these marvelous marine creatures.

Tourists and vacationers wishing to see these large, majestic mammals however, are reminded that gray whales are protected animals and are under no circumstances to be harmed in any way. Failure to abide by these laws will of course, result to fines, criminal charges and possible imprisonment.

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