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Ensenada surfingbreaks and waves

Ensenada, Baja California is located in the northern region of the peninsula, just south of Tijuana, is nestled between two large waterforms, the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of California (known locally as the Mar de Cortes or Sea of Cortez). Surfing in Ensenada’s east coast, along the shores of the Sea of Cortez, is not such a popular activity since waves and swells in the Sea of Cortez are not large enough to solicit sufring enthusiasts attention. However, the beaches of Ensenada on the west coast, the ones bordering the oh-so large and impressive Pacific Ocean, are popular surfing hot spots.

If you drive north along Ensenada highway and pass through the last toll booth, you will find yourself near the famous San Miguel beach. It takes a mere 15 minutes to drive to San Miguel beach from Ensenada’s city proper, and just over an hour if you’re coming from the international border separating San Diego, California from Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula (San Miguel beach is just 61 miles from the border and 8 miles from Ensenada city).

San Miguel beach is said to be the best right hand point break, meaning the waves tend to peel towards the right side of the surfer when facing the shores. Surfers in San Miguel can also enjoy tubes rides, wherein waves form tube-like shapes which surfers can ride in or on top of.

Surfers can even pitch tents or park their RVs right along the beach in exchange for a mere $10 dollars fee for overnight stays. Showers and outhouses are located in San Miguel beach, as well as several stores and small restaurants. Because of the beach’s popularity and its accessibility, expect to find the San Miguel beach a little crowded during holidays and weekends.

Another great place to surf in Ensenada is called the California Trailer Parks. California Trailer Parks is nearer Ensenada’s city proper since it is just south if San Miguel beach. Surfers can experience right and left hand waves and offers great swells during medium and high tide. RV parks and camping grounds are also available in Trailer Parks, as well as several hotels where guests can hotel suites with ocean views. Several areas in the coast however are rocky, making Trailer Parks a challenging place to surf for intermediate surfers and a dangerous surfing site for amateurs.

The Salsipuedes beach is a wonderful place to surf because of its breathtaking sloping beaches, clear waters, and its diverse surfing conditions. Punta San Jose is another beautiful beach with pristine shores and swaying palm trees. Located south of Ensenada, this place is often deserted so that surfers can ride the waves in peace and concentration.

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